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Best Neck Lift Surgeon Los Angeles

Dr. John Diaz Facial Procedure Specialist

This patient had a "submental neck lift." The muscles of her neck were tightened and this was combined with liposuction of the neck. Notice the dramatic improvement in the appearance of her neck. Overall, she looks significantly younger and more beautiful.

This man is a busy professional and did not want any noticeable scars or a prolonged recovery. A submental neck lift was done to tighten the muscles of the neck and liposuction was performed to remove excess fat. This is a very good result with a limited procedure.

Although this patient would have had a more powerful result with a full neck lift, he was happy with the results of this easier submental neck lift procedure.

The most powerful procedure to rejuvenate the neck is a full neck lift. This involves incisions under the chin and around the ears. This allows for maximum improvement of the neck and jawline. The scars are expertly designed and are well hidden.

Loose skin and excess fat of the neck can make you look significantly older. There are numerous neck lift techniques which can improve the contours of the neck and jawline. These include liposuction of the neck, a submental neck lift, and/or a full neck lift. A neck lift can remove years from your appearance and provide you with a beautiful and youthful appearance of the neck. 
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