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Dr. John Diaz Facial Procedure Specialist

A rhinoplasty is one of the most powerful cosmetic procedures performed. Few other procedures can enhance the overall appearance of the face as dramatically as a rhinoplasty can. It can be used to improve every part of the nose including the nostrils, the profile and the tip of the nose. It can even be used to improve the width and length of the nose, and its relationship to other features of the face. 


Dr. Diaz specializes in rhinoplasty. He is a member of the prestigious Rhinoplasty Society, which is a membership extended to only a relatively small number of surgeons throughout the world. Dr. Diaz uses an advanced method of rhinoplasty, called the "Closed Approach" to perform surgery. This approach uses expertly designed incisions inside the nostril for surgery. No external incisions are made. Thus, there are no visible scars created with this method.


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