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Best Chin Augmentation Surgeon Los Angeles

Dr. John Diaz Facial Procedure Specialist

A chin augmentation can dramatically improve the overall profile of the face. In this man, the chin augmentation strengthened his lower face and improved his neck line and jawline.

This is the left side view of the patient in the previous picture. Notice the improvement to the overall profile and appearance of his face.

A chin augmentation can have a powerful and dramatic effect on your overall appearance, especially if it is combined with a rhinoplasty. This patient had both procedures.

The combination of a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation improves the overall balance of the face.

Doing both procedures at the same time can give you a better result than having only one of the procedures done alone.

The result would not have been as beautiful if the chin augmentation was done without the rhinoplasty, or the rhinoplasty without the chin augmentation.

Overall, the patient looks more beautiful and very natural.

Beauty is created when there is harmony and balance between all of the features of the face. A weak chin disrupts this balance and negatively affects the overall appearance of the face. A chin augmentation can restore the proportions of the face to the aesthetic ideals. 
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